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    congrats Andrea Scanlan #1018 @ powder puff

    Andrea kicked a$$! Great job girl
  2. Jamie@Beard

    MORE 500 Raw In-car - 5011

    I love this car!! Glad we got the chance to help Ronnie pit the girls at PP.
  3. Jamie@Beard

    ^^MWilsonPhoto Silver State 300 Photos^^

    Awesome photos, Mike! Love the Householder shot!
  4. Jamie@Beard

    Firecracker 250 Powder Puff

    I wish I lived in TX!!!! Can I still purchase a koozie?
  5. Jamie@Beard

    2012 Mint 400 FAST FACTS!

    Yeah he served his penalty. Still finished 4th. Glad you wore your glasses this race and that your front bushings lasted after seeing them at lap 1
  6. Jamie@Beard

    Mint 400 Flat Tire Count!!!

    :D:D:D Rick Poole/Mike Malloy #1160 1 rear flat Yokohama
  7. Jamie@Beard

    2012 Mint 400 FAST FACTS!

    Mike Malloy put a beating on all the 1100's && Congrats to the Mathews!! Well deserved
  8. Jamie@Beard

    Durka Does The Mint

    Dondel shot FTW! Love that car Good shots Matt
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    Big Ugly Racing Mint 400 Crash

    I don't believe so. I was at Pit #2 and watched the black smoke for a while.
  10. Jamie@Beard

    Pole at the mint?

    Ray Griffth FTW : )
  11. Jamie@Beard

    Keeping it Real with Kent Kroeker

    jajaja love it! From my experience, I hope Casey won't frown upon excessive nerfing
  12. Jamie@Beard

    Pro1600 2012 Battle at Primm

    Good job on the video guys. Blaine's shot is awesome haha
  13. Jamie@Beard

    2012 Miss Mint Registration Has Begun!

    Andwoo who!?!
  14. Jamie@Beard

    Voting for the 2012 General Tire Miss Mint contest is now live!

    Last week to vote fellas! Voting ends THURSDAY :-) Http://www.themint400.com/2012/02/Jamie Http://www.themint400.com/2012/02/Kat-Wilson
  15. Jamie@Beard

    2012 Miss Mint Registration Has Begun!

    jajaja thank you, Steve! Tell Kathleen and Gavin hello from Andrew and I : )