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  • On your blue Toyota what springs did you use in the rear and did you use the stock location on the frame?
    We used Alcan Springs in Grand Junction, CO. They always did our race truck springs for our 7s! They are longer than stock so we had to move the front mount forward and I'm pretty sure the rear mount is in the stock location but with an 8" bolt to bolt shackle.
    I sent this to Perry, just so you know
    I will be pitting with Locations Racing in the same spot as last year

    I told Jason Hutter that I would try to pick up his dash and deliver it to him at Primm this weekend.
    I need your address and would need to cordinate a time when it could be picked up.
    Im leaving for BAP early (5am) Thursday morning so it would be best if I could maybe pick it up for him this afternoon if possable.


    Steve & Kyle Milligan

    SMT Racing #7100
    2010 SNORE 7s Champions
    Jason... i have decided to g to Parker but dau't need your camera for sure. It is safe and sound at my house Is it alright for me to take it to Parker? FYI, the audio in jack is a mini jack, just like ipod headphones, so to wire your intercom, you need a $5 female jack from Radio Shack and a 6' male-male extension cord. I guess you could also wire in a male jack and get a female-male extension cord.. same result. I was gonna come to your shop last weekend, but I was up at X-Dance and Sundance Film Festival in SLC.
    Hey I was also wonder who made that Tacoma conversion front end on the Fire Guys truck?
    Hey man, I saw that vid of the Fire Guys Toyota racing at Primm I think? I was just wondering if you could give me a link maybe to some specs or something? I am building my truck soon and just want some ideas and inspiration.
    Ya met up with Kevin this weekend and dropped the cab off at Blitzkrieg motorsports. Should have my truck in there in about a week or so. Doubt I'll race again with the new cab, don't want to have to swap cabs every race lol
    Thanks for the love jason, we had a great run at the MINT. Were you in the truck when I passed you guys before the first Railroad crossing on the 2nd lap? Congrates on 2nd place.
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