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    Looking for Concrete Contractor in Landers, Ca.

    Looking for a concrete contractor in Landers, Ca. to do finish grading and pour a foundation for a 30'x40' metal building. I have foundation plans.
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    Steel-It Painters

    I have a truck frame that I’m looking to get painted with Steel-It. Does anyone know of any paint shops in Lake Elsinore area that specialize in spraying this paint? I’d like to find someone that has experience with this product.
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    My name is Jeff White

    Hello, my name is Jeff White. I’m actually not new to Race-Dezert, I’ve been looking at the classifieds for years, but I am new to the forums. I’m a Professional Driver by trade but I also own a shop in Lake Elsinore called JAW Industries. I currently race in Class 11 #1164 Team NoZombie...