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    Class 2000 Battle at Primm Shootout

    Check the most current rules for each series out. I think if you built a BITD 7s legal truck you would be a legal 7s or 2000 truck everywhere. Sent from the RDC Mobile App. Get it for your IOS device today
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    Make A Wish Ride 2013

    You are right Khris! I just saw this and can not think of one reason that the truck and the RZR can not be there and I can think of many of why it should. Working on it now. See you there! Sent from the RDC Mobile App. Get it for your IOS device today
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    2009 MDR Superstition 250 entries!!! :eek:

    I dont see my name on the list... I have not entered yet, this month should be a good indicator of whether we will make it or not but I did take the whole week off prior just incase :) Truck is not even close to together yet but we should make it as far as that goes. I am just not sure if we...
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    KOTD updates..

    Thank you everyone that has offered help!!
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    KOTD updates..

    Thanks, Everyone is ok but the truck is real beat up.We already started taking it apart and plan to fix it as fast as the money situation will allow. I know there are pictures and videos out there and I am sure they will make it here soon. It just boils down to a real stupid mistake on my part.
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    Ratchet Seat Belts

    I really like a sternum strap on my harness, can you get these with a sternum strap? Sorry cant search the site as it is not fully functional yet
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    Bilstein ROCKS!

    I can't say enough about Joel, Shane, Juan and all the folks at Bilstein!! I live a hop, skip and a jump from them and they are always ready, willing and able to help me and my team...even when we ask dumb questions :)
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    2008 MDR SS overall Champion and 725 champion

    Thanks Everyone!! Same Andrews... and your are right Good Times!!
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    2008 MDR SS overall Champion and 725 champion

    We, Andrews Motorsports, had a great year this year and were able to win the 2008 MDR SS overall Championship and the 2008 Class 725 (7s/7sx) Championship. I would like to thank my Family, with out their support I would not be able to race at all, my Co-Driver Jack of JackFab and my co-riders...
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    Dash 08 Shootout Stories

    Thanks Cliff. It was a great year for us, that is for sure!!! Thanks. We are totally stoked about the overall championship as well as the class championship. If you are asking if my truck was at Spirit, no it has never been there, though I did buy the frame from them when we first started...
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    ND Budlight Dash Photos

    Any of 732? Your pics look great!!
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    The dash 2008

    5 south to 8 east. Come down the grade overlooking the desert and take the Octillo exit ( second exit when you are at the bottom of the grade). Turn left and go under the freway. Take first right onto Evan Hewes Hwy (dont turn onto the exit ramp :) ) keep going till you see the big power lines...
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    The dash 2008

    I am down here now and I did not talk with MDR today but someone else said the course is only about half marked so far. As I said this is second hand info but was the word I got. I hope to go around on Sunday but it probably wont be untill the afternoon. I need some things from my trailer before...
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    Has anybody seen this happen before?

    Gray hose here, in my rock buggy, nothing but pump gas (Ca. pump gas) same results as the picture.
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    heidi steele ..... "your new score champion" !!!!!

    Congrats to the Steele Team for this and everything they have accomplished! Well done and well deserved!!