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  • troys ranger is looking good man. the shower and whatnot is a real trip....i remember when he told us he wanted that and we were like..........."uhhhh ok.......?" haha. anyways man just wanted to say hey and keep up the good work. BTW.....your PM inbox is full.....
    as of right now we are in debation on some issues that arose this weekend Ken and I got slammed by a protruck on the passenger side when we were stuck up against a tree we made it to the finish all i can say is thank you to you and Jerry and the boys for building a safe car i will give you the full story with pics sometime tom or this week
    ya tons of laughs! good times! changing trans during the race and in the dirt deff sucks!!!
    Sorry to hear that Jaimie send me your phone # or call me on my cell or at work. 760-533-5036 cell
    hey buddy! bummer on the back! hope everything feels better! heal up quick and get ur butt back out in the desert! i got a seat for you when ur all better :)
    ya i bet those things were really redneck! u got any spy photos? :) when r u racing again?
    Whats Up Dude, Its been 2 long. Hope everything is going good over there @ Penhall. I work for AT&T now as a technician out of Oceanside. Hopefully I'm there 2 stay "Union+GoodPay=Happy Home". My wife and I had a baby girl, her name is Kayla. Now that I think about it ,I think that's similair to one of your girls names?. Anyways, I still bragg about you guys when I get the chance. What have you been up 2? Hopefully you guys are keeping busy over there. I have 2 come down and visit with you some time soon, and because I've been craving a pasta salad from Mario's. God Bless! By the way, its Chuck.
    Finishing my Bachelors at NAU(1 more year), then I might come see you. Nicest 12 car I have ever seen though! keep it up!!!!
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