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    Co-Driver spot open for Fallon ...

    Looks like it! Thanks!
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    Co-Driver spot open for Fallon ...

    Well, looks like all my VORRA buddies are racing their own rigs! Should be a great turn out. That said, I'm looking for a willing victim or 2 to sit in the right seat of our Pro-UTV entry. Shoot me an email - for more info. See you in Fallon! Jim Carius
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    UTV Tire / Setup Questions

    This is going to be fun ... I'm a life-long buggy dork. Class 9/10/12 - whatever. But ever changing circumstances have moved a XP4 that has been built for desert racing into my garage .... And I realize know _nothing_ about UTVs. Up here in Northern Nevada VORRA runs both short course and...
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    Was i sleeping is VORRA no longer?

    Dave, Thanks for handing VORRA back over to Laura and BJ. There are a lot of folks this-a-ways that are committed to making sure your generosity is not for naught. Jim
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    When its time to stop racing

    Ben, I'm with you. Once I got the kids and they oldest started Quarter Midgets - I suddenly don't have the time - or at least my priorities changed. I'm still going to run a couple races a year in the slow classes, and show my kids why I got into this #$%! sport - which as you rightly state -...
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    Study says BLM land visitors prefer quiet recreation

    My comment on the above website: Interesting. There were more than 353,000 UTV's sold in NA in 2013, representing more than 5 billion in sales - that is UTV original sale alone, folks. Not arguing the value of non-motorized recreation - which I enjoy ... but I'm hoping the source data for this...
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    Is legitimate Live Coverage of a Point to Point race possible...I think so...time to find out

    Dave, I love the way you guys manage to integrate technology with low level creativity. I've been thinking for a while how to use a vehicle-to-vehicle 'swarm' to be able to pass off data up and down a race course. The nerf? That is elegance in engineering right there.
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    Class 12 /1100/ SCORE Lites ONLY Thread

    Well, since I can't seem to find time to get my car together ... anyone need crew help? Jim
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    VORRA teams with ULTRA4 froup! 2016 and beyond....

    I can't tell you how thrilled I was to see that Dave Cole has stepped in with VORRA. The experience and leadership he has shown with Ultra 4 is exactly what VORRA needs. My heartfelt congratulations to all the VORRA racers!
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    New Kit Class for Desert Racing

    I've got a bunch of Simpson HNR's that I'm selling ... PM me
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    Barn Finds, wherabouts, or i think i knows

    I've seen (and worked on) that car in person ... it's a cool ride :-)
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    Class 12 /1100/ SCORE Lites ONLY Thread

    I've got a bunch of them - most of them are brand new, a few have about 40 miles on them .... Shoot me a pm. Jim
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    New Kit Class for Desert Racing

    Anyone familiar with this truck? Ranger Race truck How far away from a being 7100 legal?? Thanks!
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    New Kit Class for Desert Racing

    Justin: I may just use that as a "parts list" for my build <g>
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    New Kit Class for Desert Racing

    First, thanks for all your effort to make this class work. I'm going to be dumping my buggy program in favor of a truck or jeepspeed - the decision has been made. I've been seriously shopping for a couple months - from where I sit allowing in jeepspeeds would dramatically increase the number of...