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    News The Sonora Rally Carries On… In May

    Sonora Rally on your bucket list? MAY 9th - 14th, 2021....2005 Hemi Jeep available. Limited to 75 Entries. Sonora Rally on your bucket list? Now available. Two Jeeps for sale under $30K each or lease. 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee. V8Hemi in full International All Terrain Rally trim. Past class...
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    Parker Winners rewards

    What makes Jeepspeed racing so rewarding.? Anyone who tastes victory has to earn it. Winners received the respect of their peers, and some great rewards. The top finishers in each of our 4 Jeepspeed classes at Parker 425 received a set of KMC wheels, a TuffStuff 13,000 lb. winch, a Rugged Radios...
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    Combining BITD classes are correct.....brain fade....37" open tire in 4700.
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    Combining BITD classes

    Interesting thread. Maybe jus a few guys posting but I bet there are a lot of lurkers watching. Jeepspeed was started by guys that had raced everything from Stock to Trophy Truck so our ideas are to make truck racing affordable. Its all about tire size and travel. Thats the way to reduce...
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    Jeepspeed rumor confirmed

    Confirming the rumor JEEPSPEED GOES YOKOHAMA Yokohama tires signs a multi year agreement to be Title sponsor of the longest running spec class in U.S. desert racing history. All of us here at Jeepspeed give thanks to General Tire for 10 years support but now are...
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    Revive a dying class

    Like I said. Good post. We hate to get into these online discussions but.....1720 your 4 to 6 entries is a little misleading. The only time Jeepspeed had four 1700s was not surprisingly at this years Covid V2R. If you check the 2019 BITD points summary the Average 1700s was 8 plus 7 other...
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    Revive a dying class

    Tim, good thread. Pee Wee, thanks for endorsing 4700. You guys will be fast next season. Could see ten trucks racing soon. dislocate1, You are correct. A 1700 with stroker motor, 35" tire and more travel and better shocks is the most economical way for 1700 guys to go faster. Red Ford Racer...
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    Revive a dying class

    Revive a dying class.???? Interesting post from our long time racer Tim Martin. Here is my personal take on this subject. Speed cost money so how fast do you want to go. Your average speed chart proves that. After racing teams in the desert since 1991 in about every truck class from stone...
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    Protruck info

    Jeepspeed has created a new home for Protrucks. Our Class 4700 for tube frame vehicles with Jeep or Dodge recognizable grill and front end. Max wheelbase 123". Tire 37" Generals. 18" front travel. Rear travel open.The rules are much looser than last Protruck rules. So now many other trucks will...
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    Post your favorite photo from Baja!

    My least favorite Baja photos. Night before the race the boys were in the bar....1995 Baja 1000 San Ignacio Don-A-Vee Motorsports Goodyear teams pit. Seven 55 gall barrels of race fuel!!!! Total loss semi, tools, spares fuel etc. The Herbst family helped us rebuild a pit to service all the...
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    Vintage jeeps

    I am shocked. How could anyone do this to such an iconic Jeep???????
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    Vintage jeeps

    Hemi LJ. Thanks for the Don Adams pic and memories of this episode. I was at San Matias Don-A-Vee pit waiting to get in with Don when the flash flood filled the wash. Half the field had already gone through before the flood . The other half wanted Sal Fish to stop the race. There was over a...
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    2020 Yokohama Sonora Rally

    A Race That’s Ripe with Talent the Dakar Rally cultivates a new wave of racers in North America. The long-term relationship between the Sonora and Dakar Rallies had resulted in a partnership on their respective tournaments some years ago, but it’s finally cultivated into a more involved...
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    ATTENTION ProTruck owners, wanna race the Baja 1000?

    SCORE recognizers other Jeepspeed classes so pretty confident they will recognize 4700. Will keep you updated later. Thanks for the interest every one looking at this thread. Sorry Rory did not mean to hijack your 2 year old post.
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    ATTENTION ProTruck owners, wanna race the Baja 1000?

    We have applied the 20 years experience with our other classes .Keep it simple. 4700 is only one page of rules. Anything is welcome 123" wheelbase or less. With 18" front travel limit and 37" tires 900hp is tough to handle. Momentum is what it is all about. So, Pro Trucks, Class 8 , 7200, 1400...