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  • Are you eligible to become a member of USAA? I've always received excellent service at more than competitive rates with that company.

    When other insurers hear I'm a USAA member, they give up, knowing nothing they offer can match it.
    LOL jeff he's hitting on ur daughter! lol
    oh and i got some thing that your gunna lol at jeff i mean this stuff is really funny!
    Jeff don't take this the wrong way but do have any pic of your daughter. lol
    BTW why do they even need pumps to get that stuff out of the ground. Hell It seems to come out fine on it's own or does the pump slow it down to a manageable flow?

    To maximize oil extraction once the pressure drops, IIRC.
    Hey Jeff, get me your email and I will get it to Kristen, she is managing her dads property in Hawaii and said she is available to possibly do yours also.
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