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    Salvaged RZR auctions?

    Copart auctions Google it thier everywhere but be prepared everybody else is buying causing some crazy prices. I bought 2 in the last year both high speed rollovers (very high speed)

    Robby Update Report

    Penton went on to become KTM

    Frontline- in the world of ai

    This is one of the many reasons I'm so proud of my son going to school getting his journeyman commercial electrition licence (1 year left) , I cannot see him being replaced anytime soon by ai. Every Amazon distribution & robotics manufacturing center has to be wired to the local building code...

    Helmet camera on the street legal or not?

    Is a GoPro mounted on your helmet legal on the sreet? I know thiers a DOT law that you can't modify a helmet, what about suction cup, existing visor screws or 2 way tape? No drilling, epoxy, etc. That being said CAN YOU legally have one on your helmet while riding on a public street road or...

    New Bronco @ this years Baja Mil with Cameron Steele.

    Checkout instagram thiers quite a bit of the Bronco in it

    2019: Why are TT's faster than Class 1 buggies?

    Where is this #28? I'm betting sitting in a IRS property seizure yard rusting away waiting for a date with the auctioneer

    2019: Why are TT's faster than Class 1 buggies?

    The TT's are faster because of money, balls, weight, more money, bigger balls & a barge full of EGO!

    New Bronco @ this years Baja Mil with Cameron Steele.

    Supposedly it's aimed directly at that 4 door jeep looking thingy everyone on the planet has been buying for the last 8 or so years & bolting on everything from the evil eye headlight cover on front to 2 gas cans, 1 water bottle, 1 spare, cooler, and a chrome hy lift Jack on the rear. Then...

    Share your jokes!!!! -- Mature Subject Matter

    Fine I guess I'll reserect this Back in 1847 a guy by the name of brigham young headed to what is now the salt lake vally coming down what's called immigration canyon he tells his sheep.....err "followers" this is the shitzz...I mean the PLACE! They settle in building fences, corrals, places...

    Who is Jon Coleman ?

    I don't know the guy he seems to agree with alot of peeps on here. Has he (or she) tried to reserect "share your jokes" thread? That one needs help!

    New Bronco @ this years Baja Mil with Cameron Steele.

    Ford motor sales propaganda I'm shure, I'm curious what sort of "twist" Ford's advertising right arm will put on this one when it hits the magazines & TV

    PCV or not

    Most of the inexpensive aftermarket ones are made from smog pumps, basically the input side of the pump splits into a "T" one valve cover tube going on each side of the T & the output goes into a catch can with a breather tank/filter mounted above the catchtank for any drainback to the catchtank...

    PCV or not

    Put a crankcase vacuum pump system on it with a top vented puke tank & breathers on each cover or no pump with breathers on each valve cover & no PCV valve PCV systems only (barely) work when thiers vaccume supplied to the PCV valve, when thiers no vacuume (pushing the loud pedal) the PCV...

    Steve torrence the child

    After watching the replay of the starting line for the 10th time I've come to realize the starting official had to be in on it by delaying the button push starting the tree waiting for Ferre to deep stage (obviously in on it) causing Torrance to loose his mind waiting (not his protocol) causing...

    Steve torrence the child

    I don't know what he's so pizzed about cause once your staged (steve) and the other guy is prestaged & not staged All Steve has to do is wait for his opponent to stage THEN the starter pushes the button starting the tree lights timer, IF the opponent desires to deepstage that's not Steve's...