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  • I think you have been hiding. Same ole', same ole'. Got a new race car, so just busy with that lately. What about you?
    Jenn sorry to hear about the passing of your Grandmother......cancer is a terrible diease....i too lost my father to cancer June 15th 2007....I'm so sorry i'll keep you and your family in my prayers
    Im sorry to hear about your grandma, that stuff is not fun to have to deal with. Let me know if ya need anything.
    Hey Jenn, How did the D-37 poker run go? I was not able to go ... are there any others you know of before it gets too hot. It might be time to just suit up and go to the beach!
    hey do you know of a website that has information on the topic? I know there was one but i cant rember what it was.
    **DISCLAIMER** This is a repost that I thought some of ya may be interested in, I am not associated with this movie in any way. I will be at the Lobby Days in Sacramento lobbying for our right to ride the night of this movie!

    You kick arse! im glad you take time to lobby.
    BTW, Is there any chance i can see what ive been donating to save? lol
    WADR your stalker,
    its coming along good i called malcom yesterday and am waiting for a call back to interveiw him but i have interveiwed a few local shops and should turn out good. thanks for your help
    ok thanks jenn i will do that and hopefully when i get done writing it i will submit it to someone who can use it for some good.
    Hope you make your goal for the "Save the Ta-Ta's" Walk! I wish I could be doing this with you, but the Eastern Sierras are calling me that weekend to come catch some goldens. I know all 3 sisters who are battling breast cancer are going to be so proud of you!
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