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  • I would thought so....hard not see it and wonder.....Nice to have beautiful people involved in the sport! Thanks for the add!
    Is that really you on your Avatar? Whats up with all these super hot Rhino racers?????
    I don't know how manly bedazzlin my page would be but i did find a pic of my wife from halloween.
    Like I said the Traxxas cars are very well built and the support is top notch. I started with electrics too so there is nothing wrong with that, and the CORR looking truck is hard to pass up!!! Enjoy it and tell me how you like it.
    I guess not so much writer's block as just a lot to write and a break now and then is good. I am actually eating lunch at my desk right now... I am past deadline on the next issue of DIESEL BUILDER so I have to get 5-7 articles finished in the next few days!!!
    Thanks, I have been playing with it between writers block... I think it is way too busy right now but I'll mess with it more when I get a chance. I just added a few albums and one of them has one of our RC trucks. It is in the my favorites album (I think) and it is a Team Losi LST with a Pro Line body that I painted myself and it has LED accent lighting that I installed to see what it would look like. I think it looks pretty cool. My son Kyle drove it away from me with a long exposure and flash to get the effect of it streaking toward the camera...
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