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  • hi Jerry just saw the crash video glad everyone is ok. Question though give me a call 408-799-5045 randy
    Jerry i was just skimming through the TT thread and seen the tail housing what are you going to charge for those
    Jerry, Thanks again for opening your shop up and sharing some of the tecniques that have made Camburg so great. I'll be a better welder with what I've learned. Best of luck with the was great talking with you.
    Thanks for the help out there after the start melee. Very much appreciated and will return the favor at my first opportunity!!
    Dont you have your own class 7 i think i seen it in dp5 is that stock fram rails?how did you build that one?
    Jerry i have emailed the company a couple of times but i seem to not get an answer but i have a quick question what does your guys' 2.25 race hub kit run with rotor and calibers? thx Ryan
    I thought I would give you guys a little time, should I give you a call this week about switching our truck over to Class 6? Let me know, I don't want to pressure you too much.

    Fire Guys Racing
    Just wanted to make sure the suit made it back to you and that you found the check in the box...
    That Camburg bolt-on kit is gonna get worked again this weekend! The Beaver Pre-Runner won't be ready, so my F-150 has been drafted for pre-run duty! Looks like I am getting a rebuild out of it, so I just have to have Chris send me a kit... LOL!
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