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  • Hey Jerry. Knives look awesome. How do I order a couple? Paypal, CC over the phone?
    Jerry, I believe you are a member of the MINI METAL forum. Would you care to chime in on the current 7s rules topics and poll?

    On another note, depending the out come of the rules, I may be interested in running that new Titan spindle kit you have. The rules for 7s will mandate I stay stock width so I will not need the arms.

    Dave Blakely
    Thanks, I was wondering if anyone caught that or if it took too long for me to post it. I vote it for Fishs new
    the show n tell thread needs to be renamed...'the camburg thread' every second post is somethin in ya wshop!!!! sheeesh!!!! lol
    hey jerry ... need any help setting up your booth for the expo?? :) ... im cheep labor .. you can pay me in a pretty little arm band! :)
    hey jerry what's up man ... what's the deal with the tundra?? why are you selling it? moving to bigger better things? trying to fund the new tt??... or perhaps are we going to see an 8 open out of a TITAN!!! being a titan owner (and soon to be camburg LT kit owner for my titan)i would love to see it happen.....btw where did the f150 go?(the 8 open) haven't seen it in a while
    I got in a head on collision with a class one car and i was on a dirt bike doing about 50mph. go to the desert racing section and read the vince viola hit by a class one that cameron posted. it might be like 2 or 3 pages deep. the whole story is there.
    alright will do. did you hear about my stupid accident the week after at my race?
    hey jerry its vince viola we met at v2r we were pitting for heidi and we played washoes with you guys. Howd the finish go?
    Way to go on finishing what sounds like a tough V2R....

    ... did you guys have steering problems? Seems like that continues to be the achilles for the Mongo guys...
    Thanks for stepping up about the course deviation thread. It is good to know that key players in off road racing realize the big picture!!!
    Will do Jerry, I need about a month or 2.. so dont wanna kick tires just yet.. but definately coming your way sir!
    Not sure how you are fixturing the new TT's but if you are in need of a fixture designer we just let ours go yesterday due to cutbacks and im sure he would be willing to come talk to you.
    let grab dinner and lunch with me and pab sometime and if u like to hook me up with new coil front and rear for my truck !!
    HEY Budddie it was good time u come to pab house let hang out again ! hit me on my text i dont have your number
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