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  • Hey Jerry, Thanks for the advice on the uni-balls and the deaver leafs. I used WD-40 on the leafs just for the heck of it and it worked. No more squeaking. But it's just a bandaid on an open wound I believe.

    I know you got out of doing the buckets for broncos/f-150s on a large scale but I am really interested in being able to go to a 3.0 shock up front on my bronco that you guys did for me? Would you guys be interested in doing it up? If so what are we looking at for a price. I stopped by auto fab today to see what they would offer and i was not real happy with with my conversation. They are very adimant about not mixing products which I understand. I do not want t o spend the money on coilovers right now and I think that your previous offering with the custom coil bucket for the F-150/broncos would fit my needs very well. Please let me know if you are interested. Thanks
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