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    2018 SCORE Baja 1000 route

    Does anyone know how the road construction is going south of San Felipe that connects to the 1? We are trying to plan our race and this roads condition will play a huge role.
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    T.T.'s at KING OF THE HAMMERS. (HUGE $$$$$$ for them too).

    So awesome! Lucerne is great for this. I have raced there on 70-80 mile loops and the terrain can be diverse. I would love to try and qualify! I’m this guy BTW!
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    MORE McKenzie's 250 highlight video

    Sell truck for better truck and get 2nd place in the new truck. New owner wins class and gets "Most Dominant Driver" award in old truck.
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    Prepping a Wildcat XX for the Mexican 1000 -- noob questions

    I recently bought a XX. I cant believe how much better this car is than all other stock SXS's. It ocasionally feels like a real race car, dare I say even like a truck. I have driven mine hard prerunning in Lucerne Valley a few weeks ago. I did a 33 mile loop in 45-47 minutes 4 times. At the end...
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    Love My Textron But......... Nothing aftermarket except Robby's parts?

    I believe he has several more patents. That was just one of many that were filed at the end of 17.
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    Love My Textron But......... Nothing aftermarket except Robby's parts?

    It really doesn't need much of anything. I believe it is the best by far out of the box. However, if I did want it a bit wider to gain a bit more stability/travel there appears to be no options.
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    Love My Textron But......... Nothing aftermarket except Robby's parts?

    Can Robby really sue anyone that designs or manufacturers aftermarket parts for the Wildcat XX? I have heard and seen on public forums where people have stated that they were concerned about being sued by Robby for making parts for the XX. I did a quick search and found several Patents with...
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    ***Juggernaut.... the 1450 monster!***

    It’s still in the family.
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    Would you rather go first in qualifying, or last.

    I have only qualified once and that was at RAGE. I was literally the last guy to qualify after I caught the guy ahead of me on my original run. The course deteriorated a lot after we did the prerun. The hard packed material was scarified and turned into sandy gravel and that obliterates horse...
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    Buy the 6100 or the 1?

    6100. Its better in a truck.
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    SCORE working on ttspec RULES....IDEAS???

    Yea it’s only 50 motors but it’s the Baja 500 and 1000 that they are ran in. Has anyone asked someone at GM to do it. Don’t they put the assemblers name on corvette engines? Would a tag be as easy if not easier? Dumb question but maybe they might do it if the right person was asked. Then...
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    SCORE working on ttspec RULES....IDEAS???

    I agree with Chris. Is it possible to allow both engines? Who cares really. I mean I get no under drives and maybe the dumb tire limit but does 30-50 Hp really make that much of a difference in anyone’s trucks other than maybe Pete’s? I think I’m about to win a series championship in an...
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    SNORE/MORE Rage Fun-Run

    If your truck looks anything like an American flag please don’t speed. I was approached by a very angry snore official last year that was told I was being reckless on the fun run. GoPro everything. Sent from my iPhone using race-deZert
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    PRERUN the 2017 baja1000 from your couch is BACK!!!!

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