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  • hey I'll have fun no matter what!! I love the desert and BUGS ROCK!!! :D class 11 is the first race car I ever road in :D I'd love to go for a ride!! :D Thanks-keep me posted on your progress! :D
    Ouch!!!! :eek: I had to go to a graduation party for my best friends daughter... I was in Temecula all night... I SOOOO should have been there considering my friends won the 1600 class!!! I'm their biggest fan :rolleyes: I failed!! I probably won't be at another race until August and I'll go to the Snore Ridgecrest race, then Primm in September. It's ok to take the summer off and enjoy the beach... since I live so close to it! :D
    right now i was kind of looking at pricing. but i have a couple of core type 3 motors. as for the nine car it is a ways away. it would be for the car in my avatar.
    but i have another question for you. does bobby have an account on here?
    Jesse, I have three in line right now ! 1 for Brian Coneen 2110 cc for the squareback and then a 2180 for Kevin Walsh's manx and then a 427 Chev. for a friend of mine. After that I should have time to help. What were you thinking of building ? Is it the class nine you were talking about ? What does your budget look like ? Do you have an engine now ? I know so many questions ! Just trying to get a feel for what you want and need , John
    if i can make it i should be helping john manring 1624 i think? brian connean 157 snother 1600 and a 12 car. big load. we will most likely be utilizing mag 7's services
    ok good because you seem cool :) For sure I should be out there helping a 1600 car... who will you be out there with?
    awwww... :( :( :( now you hate me don't you :( I tried to find your ticket!!! ;) :D I guess we'll have to try again at the next drawing party!! :D :D :D
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