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    Suspension Kit 2003 F150 SuperCrew 4x4

    theres another guy who asked for a 4x4 kit just go find that thread. not really sure what youre asking for hereee... if the 4x4 is anything like the 2wd no the lug pattern aren't easily changed. wheels are out there just depends what youre looking for.
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    What kind of spindle/flange is this? F150 Velocity long travel

    that definitely not oem. talk to proam or go to kartek. kartek should be able to help
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    02 f150 4x4

    anyone who has a true long travel for a 4x4 is going to be full race mode. blitzkreg, vegas dezert fab, dixon bros has a 4x4 kit. finding a WIY kit... have fun with that lol. a buddy with welding experience is cool but you need someone who does fabrication too not just welding. deaver f49s are...