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    Who Desert Races and lives on the East Coast

    BRT is awesome guys, you should really think about racing this track. I was a little skeptical before I got out there but it turned out to be legit. And the guys that run the place are top notch. Can't wait for R/R in April 2013!
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    Build Ram Runner For sale at Dealer

    I drive by them about once a week and I think to myself, ''They aren't terrible , kind of cool looking''. Then i see the reflection of my Raptor in the big windows of the stealership and slap that thought right out of my head!
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    Miller Diversion 180????

    I weld the poop (can you say that?) out of my 180 (had it about 2.5 yrs), its an awesome welder, highly recommend it. Primarily, I weld 16ga SS. The torch is hardwired in, unless miller will do a conversion of some sort, i don't think a watercooled torch is an option... I serioulsy recommend...
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    Mig welder question

    mine does this also. try clipping the wire before beginning, that sometimes works. but i bet its your ground. take a grinder to the spot where your grounded. when is the last time you changed the liner? take the hooks off the rollers and try pulling the wire through see how easy (or hard) it...
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    Baker Motorsports ripped me off - Beware

    Dude, repaint that thing! fresh start..... I totally side with you on this, i was ripped off for about 10g's on a sports car and the same sort of story, a whole year it sat at the shop and all it was getting done was an engine swap. when he put the new motor in he reused the old rear main seal...
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    Dimple Dies

    I just put a larger bottom die in, with a smaller top die, and run it through our scotchman ironworker. works really good, punches and dimples at the same time, looks slightly different than a true dimple die would.
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    The Grocery Getter thread.

    was your truck in offroad mag? or where did i see it before.....
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    The Grocery Getter thread.

    Alex, who built your A-Arms?
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    The Grocery Getter thread.

    the 2000 f150 prerunner is my dd. gets 20 mpg as opposed to 97 f250 prerunner with a 460, that gets about 6.
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    i am in the midwest
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    Ford Prerunners

    my ford prerunners 1997 f250HD "prerunner", 460, C&T D50TTB. converted from a leaf sprung D50ttb. it has 2.5/12 King coilovers, progressive leaf pack in the rear. fiberwerks glass. i built everything myself. and my 2000 f150 v6 5 speed, with 2.0/10 king coilovers fabtech extended...
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    Off-Road love in Car and Driver!

    the problem with the Ram Runner (although cool) is that you have absolutely no warranty once you purchase that add on kit. and in a circumstance like mine, the dodge dealership is the one who installs the kit, which in my opinion, is less than ideal. i want a guy who knows what the "F" an...
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    FYI Texas Racing

    I hope these issues can be worked out. I have been serioulsy interested in getting involved in Texas racing for the last year or so.
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    Hey, my name is Jimmy. i am from San diego, but for the past two years i have been living in the midwest. currently building my 97 f250 hd w/ a 460, into a prerunner, with hopes of eventually building it into some class of race truck. fortunately, i am a welder fabricator and my boss lets me...