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  • Just show up :D You're all welcome to the parties... I missed ya at Henderson - my damn job is realllllly starting to cramp my race activities :( But I WILL be there Thursday!
    Last I heard it all got taken care of. We will take the semi straight from Jean to Laughlin. I will check with Steve, But I think all is well. Thank You and see you in a couple of days!!!
    Ummm, did the issue with the semi ever get settled do you know? I left a couple messages for Steve, but never heard back... am not feeling the love right now :(

    see ya in Henderson/Jean!
    I don't think I've been listening to your advice very well LOL! No doesn't seem to be in my vocabulary right now hah!
    So, I'm at a BBQ last night and TJ and I start talking about the race... He throws out there that a rematch is in order - SNORE 250!!! He said your car was just a little dirty - wash it off & come out and play LOL :D

    And CONGRATS! by the way on your WIN!
    I hear you guys took 2nd, is that correct? Glad to see you didn't lose your place! I had a great time with you guys Thurs nite :D You're my kind of team LOL!!!
    Ya it should handle alot better. We figured 50/50 is a good start then adjust from there.
    Thanks again for the info.
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