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  • Just show up :D You're all welcome to the parties... I missed ya at Henderson - my damn job is realllllly starting to cramp my race activities :( But I WILL be there Thursday!
    Last I heard it all got taken care of. We will take the semi straight from Jean to Laughlin. I will check with Steve, But I think all is well. Thank You and see you in a couple of days!!!
    Ummm, did the issue with the semi ever get settled do you know? I left a couple messages for Steve, but never heard back... am not feeling the love right now :(

    see ya in Henderson/Jean!
    I don't think I've been listening to your advice very well LOL! No doesn't seem to be in my vocabulary right now hah!
    So, I'm at a BBQ last night and TJ and I start talking about the race... He throws out there that a rematch is in order - SNORE 250!!! He said your car was just a little dirty - wash it off & come out and play LOL :D

    And CONGRATS! by the way on your WIN!
    I hear you guys took 2nd, is that correct? Glad to see you didn't lose your place! I had a great time with you guys Thurs nite :D You're my kind of team LOL!!!
    Ya it should handle alot better. We figured 50/50 is a good start then adjust from there.
    Thanks again for the info.
    Wait!!! That will make your car handle better!!!! HAHA!!! no cool and good luck!
    Did my info help at all? hows it all going for you?
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