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    Looking forward to it! See ya in Reno on the 19th!
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    Prepping my 16 car right now.... Or I should say Clayton is prepping it at Scudders. Just ordered tires and some spares, putting new tires on the trailer, lets go!
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    Race idea

    Very cool. We looked at taking the IRC tracker data and writing our own app/web page to do something similar, but could not get them to stream it to us real time. We might try again fro 2013 to see if we can do some sort of app either with their data, or some sort of tracker. That would be...
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    Race idea

    May be a little high tech, but if they can do it for americas cup, WRC, and create a real TV/viewer excitement, why not desert racing. Have the tracker on each car show real time position, speed, acceleration, g forces, jump height, etc in real time for TV/Web coverage. The IRC score one is...
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    couple pics of current 5/16. Also can check out our team at www.bajaorbustracing.com
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    Not new to desert racing but new to the forum. Raced bikes back before mono shocks, and now have a roll cage around me in my 5/1600, the 'true' amateur class (or just wishing we had a longer wheel base). Race the 1000, Mint, ORAF and a couple others a year.