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  • Interested in your Pro-Lite. Can you e-mail me some more pics? What all is included?
    Where are you located?


    Jenkins anyway i could get an email or phone for you so I could ask you some "mini stock" questions offline? my email thanks
    That righ around the corner from me. I live off of Indian truck trail and the fifteen freeway. Let me know when your available I am off fri sat sun. Thanks.
    Jms hey i was inquiring about your cab cage, your is the only standard cab ranger that kept the cage inside. That is the look i am going for only prob is i am 6'2" tall and worried about the 2" cleaarnce between my helmet. Any advice, plus maybe some pics of your interior. not trying to snoop i just dont want to half ass it. your rig is nicely done
    no dognuts but
    had chorizo,egg&beans burro for breakfast,
    hyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy yyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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    right on bro!

    Ya, sadly, I work for John Mussari, haha. I think you know Jake (Jakes Motorcars). We have been friends since we were in high school.
    If you learn how to fab and not just pay someone to fix your stuff you would realize how dangerous this is. Hopefully you don’t find out first hand when you have a yard sale with your TL truck.
    A friend bought it, I just got to ride the first couple of laps at the MORE race last weekend. Great truck.
    Right on, and congrats! More pit rats for fetchin', hahaaa! Well keep me posted, timing is tight for the special, might just run out that day and bail first thing. The Dr. saying somewhere around the 14th of July so we'll see what the boss has to say :). Stoked for you guys!
    Sup man, just checking in on you. Did you get the TL back together yet? Ready for the Midnight Special?
    jajaja Los Gol is legit! Hey I started to update some of the web stuff the other day. I'll try and get it buttoned up as soon as I can. Need to get Rob's info over to me, aslo '09 race sched.........:)
    Yeah cruise by, got some fun ****, got a couple Lambo's...I'm addicted to that mex restaurant u took me to that one day now...:)
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