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  • oh well. eventually we'll get to meet up i'm sure. it'll be special. i've always thought that our senses of humor matched up well and then the lies will begin. that is a time i'm looking forward to my friend. it'll be epic i'm sure. peace. rs
    Thanks, sorry I didn't reply sooner, life has been a thrash getting everything ready for the 1000.
    are you sure you need a shock that stout? what kind of suspension comes with them stock? they aren't still old school solid axle configurations are they? [my old lc was indestructable sp]. i admit that i haven't looked at many land cruisers up close lately but i have always dug them. they use them more in the bush than anything else around the world so what's that tell ya? how bout ohlins or whoever that is that the euros use at dakar? when i went to portugal for the start of the rally, they were the big choice for alot of teams. that would be different.
    that blows me away about todd. maybe because he's down the street from our shop and more local. he's met us at plaster city more than once to help dial in our old ranger.if i may make a suggeston, go to one of the other manufacturers. is this an unconventional application? why would they be different than standard coil over or bypass designs? i'm not too checked out on shock technology, but as far as dealing with folks, if you get off on the wrong foot with someone, it can be really hard to fix down the road and no one benefits. give bilstein a call. they might be easier to work something out with and they're hungry since king and fox started to pull ahead in our sport. anyway, patience is required or else you'll end up crazier than a shi- house rat dealing with the off road industry.
    ja ja. you'll never see me neg rep anyone. you just always blow my mind with s--t like this man. i guess i don't know anyone who would think that stuff is a big deal and it really is i guess. you and sheaco always come up with the damndest things and i love it. no way i'm neg repping you bro. you're way too funny and creative. but if you tell anyone i said so,,, f--k i don't care. how's your project coming along? be ready for the mil? i'm anxious to see it. which class will your truck [wagon] race in? r
    awesome man! thought that day trading might have turned into day AND night trading haha .. good to see your doing well. the latest celebrity is Tony Barraza (TBDesignworks) and in the background with is Rory Ward (racers only) from the mint. you going to make it out to the Midnight special? should be an awesome race! we had tons of fun last year! everything is going well this way, just mainly working on FAST-aid stuff 24/7, but it's good i like it. it makes it easy
    Hey bruce my buddies started a new clothing company called No Coast Clothing. but i was wondering what the name of the sticker place you used was...were gunna try and get this up and running....
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