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  • You shoulda said somethin last week, now I'm sharing my room that I planned on having all to myself with Loomis AND Banned. Yay. Total sausage fest.
    jajaja I guess I should have checked my visitor messages before posting in WTAR! Photo looks awesome and super clear! Good meeting you buddy, any chance of any photos of the #15?
    Bruce, thanks alot for the kind words, now that was a tough race to win. I enjoyed meeting you as well...sorry we could not talk longer, now get busy on your build & can't wait to see ya' racin'...hope to see ya' at the next one...Dave.
    Just saw this and cant remember if I responded. No I didn't end up going with IPT, but I sure wish I had. I didn't have the money, but in the long run I would have saved time and money if I went with them. Instead I ended up with a transmission from AAMCO that isn't worth anything.
    We are planning to race San Felipe, although my Brother has a show to work that he may not be able to get out of. I get a smoking deal on Sway-A-Way shocks, let me know if you want me to get you some prices.

    Good luck on the cruiser!
    bruce, it was great to finely meet you this weekend! ... it was a pleasure!!!... i can't think you enough for everything that you have done for FAST-aid.

    Im sure we'll see each other around now that i put a face to the name, i owe you a beer or 2 ! :)

    i got hats and shirts in production, you will be one of the first to get some... what are we look'n at size wise?

    thanks again for everything
    If you do end up going with the Mexico pay as you go it won't take that long for everyone to become acustomed to calling you on it.........The biggest problem I had was getting my wife past the invisible line of not being able to dial internationally.......I called her from Mexico on my ATT phone to our house phone and then I talked her through dialing my Mexico phone with her ATT cell phone until we got it right! Smooth sailing now!
    No I have a very simple Motorola Razor.....simple phone for simple minds.........I take it with me and check the messages on it, then I call back anyone that was important on my Mexico phone.......They don't normally answer cause they see the crazy number on their caller ID.........Most of my friends now have my mex number entered in their phones. As soon as they call my US cell and hear the international ring tone they normally hang up and call my mex phone........I change my message on my ATT phone and include the mex phone number on the message.......Some people just get really freaked out dialing internationally though........So like I said I still take my ATT phone and it is on the Mexico plan.

    WOW did I really waste that much of your time? Sorry about that.
    Sorry for the delay in responding, I am not used to all of the features on RDC.

    I am going down to help the Vanderwey's TT team, I am taking my Bronco prerunner and going down early in the week so I can prerun several days. Let me know if you are interested in going.
    The guy making the banners for us needs the Logo in a PDF file and needs the font file. Can ya hook a brother up?

    Thanks JO!
    Gabby asked me "DAn! Hey do we have an AI or Vector file of the logo? I can't reproduce it without one... it looses the quality in jpg"
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