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  • the group voted. they/we wanna do the logo with FAST in all capitals(no periods), add the hyphen(because we are hilbilllies) and change the arrow on the "I" to just a regular "i".

    I think that is all the nit picking we decided on.

    This will be on an RV wrap at Primm!!!

    I hope our critique doesnt break your heart too much
    Its not a sperm on a stick!! its a snake! AND its universal for medical, so we/you/FA/ whatever probably wont get sued by red cross. LOL

    I see ambulances all the time with that logo.

    and besides, it will be so small.. it will just be a symbol! :D

    Good day Mr Jac...errr... Bruce. :)
    you 'da man Bruce..... LOL!

    I was kind of proud of my wife when she said it - LOL!
    Bruce - Logos look awesome - Did you see what I put about the "i" looking kind of dong-ish? Any recommendations? I think the logo would still look awesome with just a regular "i"

    what do you think?
    I just added a comment of my own.... JoMaoma, the logos look friggin awesome!
    the comments are piling up on my visitor page fyi... now you can see what everyone says....
    HAHAHAHA... They don't tell me anything. The acronym they just made up i think. fargin wtards.... the dash is my bad still prolly. tell yer kid Happy Bday... the rep will arrive shortly.
    The website is (finacial assistance service team ) there is a dash between the words also.... I prolly shoulda mentioned that huh? I did not know it was an acronym till today.
    I see my Bronco race truck in the background of your post about luxury SUV's dominating stock full. I hope to meet you in person at Steven's some time.
    dude, post those fast aid logos will ya? i cant find em now. you are gettin me as yer campain mgr for these...
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