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  • My Bad I thought You were a different Joe this whole time.I just looked at your about me profile and saw your full name.Thats way I didnt understand the class 1500 thing.ops
    Are you coming out to the next race? I Havent see you at the last couple. Are u still buliding a 1 car?
    Whats up joe IM going prerunning for the march race when the maps up send me your phone # and ill give u a call if u want to go riding.
    Hi, yea it was a great weekend all and all. Nice meeting you as well. The car is worse than it looked, upper and lower driver side a-arms, both junk, center bulk-head, junk, rack, cracked in back, both tie rods, and one spindle, and (2) bent shock shafts. So the work begins. There is no work (const, gc, specializing in residential remodels) in this market, so plenty of time, but not much cash. Hopefully we will be there in May. Thanks for the message, keep in touch. Joe1369
    Joe it was nice meeting you last weekend.Sorry about how we had to meet.Now that you`ve had a chance to better look at the car how bad is it?And will you have it fixed for the May race?
    When a shock passes 90 deg. the shock will loose its effectiveness. If the coilover is doing the same thing the spring rate will decline as it passes 90 deg. which is what i suspect is happening. The loss of both will definitely soften the whole package. Another thing is I think the by-pass shock is too small. You don't have as much piston area to work with and you are probably blowing right through the bump zone. Most cars run no more than 4" of ground clearance at bottom so you could probably gain some more rear travel also.
    Don't know So Cal Fab but yes on the other. I am looking to find a shop or a person to which I can take my VW based cars for all kinds of repair, mod and maintenance work. Unfortunately I am also looking for someone legitemate and honest who actually knows what they are doing.
    Hey Joe, Thanks. We were at the banquet and the more race, My Bro raced the Black Chenowith in Sportsman and got 4th place! not bad for his firt race!! You have a merry Christmas also, and have fun.
    Thanks for the info, I and a 1600 car will be there. I hope no rain, I have an un-painted chromo car, rust city if it rains. Is there open practice on Friday? or only Saturday A.M. or maybe the weekend before?
    i think there was two 13 cars last year but im not 100%, last year they got a good combination of real tight and semi-fast sections so you should do fine. im sure the projects will be ok but i haven't checked the weather yet so im not sure if it will be raining or not
    I am thinking about running my 13 car, were there any others last year? Its a v6 car, couldn't really keep up with the one cars, maybe if its really tight, how about tires, mud tread or Baja Projects o.k.?
    hey Joe, last year the course was pretty tight so lower gearing would probably be good, what are you thinking about running out there? Its kinda hard to say about suspension since they change the track so drastically each year, and last year it rained pretty good the week before so the ground was very moist but still pretty good

    hope this helped out some
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