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  • Hey Joel .. Over on the D37 forums there are "room" questions for the upcoming Grand Prix on 5/2-5/3... Perhaps you could make a sign on over on their forum to answer some questions. Is there a room rate code available for that event? The D37 forum operates the same as RDC you would just need to post under the "Grand Prix" section!~ Check the info. out here:
    Thank you oh so very much for all of your help!~ I wish more race towns would have someone like you!! Looking forward to the upcoming race! I will also be back in town on Oct 24-26 for the CORR race!~
    Hey lookn for a room. For Sept 5 and 6 Plan on helping SteveO for Primm. Would appreciate it.
    Someone else gave me one of their rooms, so I think
    we are good for now. Thanks so much. I love how
    RDC helps each other. See you in Primm. Laurie
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