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  • HI John,
    I spoke to you a few months ago, about doing a spread on ES MotorSports and Driven Experience's new 6100/TT
    They would like to talk to you. can you please give me a call.
    ES MotorSports
    (909) 528-0487
    ARE YOU SERIOUS I RESPECT YOUR POSITION WITH RDC but don't accuse me of of being racist if you don't even know me! that is not right i voted
    Hello John
    Just checking.What did I post that is considered spam. Didnt know,sorry
    If I post anything else, I'll make sure it's serious, and not anything to make someone laugh. New to RDC, will no doubt need to contribute a little more to desert racing before I can post anything. Have stuck to small time racing in Texas for the past 7 years, but we are moving up. At any rate, I appreciate your forum, and I will continue to support it. Don
    Would you please delete the Team #71 Prerunner post? Ricky did not have permission to post the link.

    Why is this SPAM ?? My friend Tested this tube bandit thing an it worked really good . I was just trying to share it with other people. I don't have crap to gane from it !!! Please let me Know why it's ok to say KMC wheels are cool. But not this..??? Industry Why not just move it to..Industry News.. ??
    Just had to let you know that Waltrip reference quote on Jared's post was great! Bwahaahahaa
    What do I need to do to get this message out ? It's not for profit.

    Tony Cortes
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