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  • John,
    I just saw your video and noticed that you have one of our jacks in the bed. I wondered if this is something that I can share and if you would be interested in us using the truck for future advertising?
    That's great to hear Tim just bought Parker a new tk elite to play with for a little bit and Tim might be driving the trophy truck at the 1000 or at Henderson
    Thanks for the invite. If I am not out of town, I would love to do it. I will check my schedule and get back to you. john
    CROSSROADS Church of Corona CA is having a fathers day Show N' Tell. They are looking for some desert cars/toys to show off and make this a special Sunday for the fathers at this church. They called me wanting to know if I knew anyone that could bring something and I immediately thought your truck and your son's trophy kart would be perfect for this venue.

    If you have any interest in sharing your passion and enthusiasm for dirt-sports to this church family please let me know

    Fathers day is June 21st and the "car show" would be from early am to early afternoon.
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