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    My opinion, sell your jeep, search hard and long, buy something already done that fits what you want to do. There are vehicles available that are already done and will cost you way less. Expect to spend LOTS if you want something to attempt to do both!
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    On Topic Getting into racing

    They ride great, get up to about 80 mph, run an engine for a couple years. Used ones come with extra parts and spares. Don't run race gas.
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    On Topic Getting into racing

    Buy a used Trophylite, and have an affordable blast.
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    Pro Truck and Jeepspeed

    My name is Bill Driggs, Ive got Ivan's #1 Protruck chassis and its for sale. Text me your nu ber and I'll call you back, my number is 805 377 7942. We can work out a number of options if your interested.
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    intercom/2-way /ext speaker mod???

    I wouldnt use two radios, simply add a external speaker and add a "y" splitter at the external speaker 3.5 plug in the rear of the radio. you can add a toggle switch so the speaker isnt always sharing your radio chatter. Then use the hand mic to transmit your parked talk.
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    At what point ?

    Baja Dad, you are the one having some issues on here. I truly am concerned for bike riders, I am one as well as have I raced 4 wheel trucks and buggies. When I referenced SST and Indy cars, I was seriously making a point, just as why don't they race speedway bikes and the sprint cars at the same...
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    At what point ?

    I also posted in the other thread, but I still reinforce the thought process of why race 2 wheel and 4 wheels on the same course when there is no competition between the two. Isn't it like holding a Rally car race at the same time and the same course as BITD race just because the support...
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    V2R Quad/Vehicle Incident

    No longer racing but, in the past I do recall Casey having two separate loop courses to separate the 2 wheel and 4 wheel vehicles south of Henderson on the lake bed. So it is possible. I still cant figure out the mentality of non professional racers on bikes feeling the need to race on the same...
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    How to get into desert racing... as a Virginian!

    Buy one of the Trophylites that are for sale in the classifieds on this site, can get one for 50k with all the spares you need. Race it for a year minimum and then decide what you want to do as far as racing. You can sell it for what you paid for it, just say goodbye to the money spend while you...
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    How to get into desert racing... as a Virginian!

    Like your enthusiasm, but, its not all that simple. First you want to be in California and buy a street legal race truck. The two don't mix well, either buy a pre runner or a race truck. Street legal trucks don't do very well in racing, things like a windshield and all the other street legal...
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    RIP Art Savedera

    RIP my friend, Patrice and I have enjoyed Arts company for many years. Art set the bar high but with respect for all. His endless drive and enthusiastic demeanor has impressed me since we met, and his ability to mentor and set an example for young and old alike is unmatched. If we could all live...
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    ATTENTION ProTruck owners, wanna race the Baja 1000?

    Bill Driggs owns chassis #1 pro truck, bought it direct from Ivan, I contacted him and told him to go to this site which he is familiar with, and contact you or post on here to contact him. He is in the market to sell his truck and I know it has all the new components to assemble the fresh...
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    San Felipe 250 map?

    Dakar.....thats not in Dakar.
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    Truth about TROPHYLITE good or bad?

    Sean at DunnTech Motorsports prepped my TL for two years and did a great job. We finished all our races and he is very fair with his customers. He knows Trophy Lites well. He is in Redlands, Ca and his number is 909-553-6845.
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    Weatherman needs a tire or two

    Whats wrong with you guys! Bob didnt ask to be adopted or say he didnt have any money, he said as we all know, he lives in Parker and simply needs some help getting a few tires out to his place. I know he didnt do all the relay work over the years so people would feel obligated to provide...