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  • Thanks Tim, wish I could have made the race! Should be at the congress race though.
    Hey Tim,

    I am trying to come down to the race this weekend and watch but have never taken a car down to Mexico without a title. Will I have problems comnig back into the US?
    Hi i understand youre one of the head guys behind the regional series in AZ, Have you thought about expanding the places you guys race? i know you do speedworld, firebird and kingman. but i was thinking parker or havasu would be great hosts for these events, both cities have places to put tracks and i know that Parker Town Council is looking for anything to bring people out here, my mother is a member and my uncle, Dan Beaver is the Mayor. Im really interested in finding a truck to build up to race in the coming years. thanks for your time!
    Tim can you email me ASCC banner ad graphics 468x60 or 792x90 and a button logo something like160x50. Gonna run it up for you on the site and helpo start generating mor einterest for ya!

    BTW is almost here. It will be a dedicated site for Stadium and Off Road Karts
    A Honda!!!...that would be like strapping a rocket to my a**...I don't even know what we would do if we had that much horsepower!!! Would be sweet to actually be able to keep up with you guys!!! Well hopefully you can find that tree before Caliente....that's the best race of the year by far!
    Tim, are you the Jones that used to own and race a red Meco 12 car? If you are I would like to talk to you because my son and I now own that car. ITS ALL GOOD.
    Allan Gregory 619 540-5719
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