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  • Bahahahahaha......thanks for the Rep John, I wouldn't expect anything less from a guy like you. Yeah I'm real mad about you and Ed racing together. Thanks for that, I needed a real good laugh. No hate spreading here....just the truth. I guess the truth really bothers you that much that you have to make up stories becasue I along with several others told the truth??? You know it's the truth, so does everyone that wittnessed that race. You know what they say about Karma.........Good Luck to yeah!!!! LOL
    Just wanted to say great race put on in Snowflake this year, Great Job!!!!!!!!
    Do you know when the Quartsite race is? That would be awesome, I drive through there at lease weekly and drool at the area.
    Is the upcomin race at Firebird a true short course race, or a short course for desert car race?
    Also, do you guys have in pit support clubs like FAIR or ACME?
    We won't make Snowflake, we're preping our 16 car for the MORE Powder Puff and MDR Plaster City in October. Back to Back race weekends.
    I have not raced a whiplash race in years. they were always fun. How many car races a year are they having?
    And where all are they?
    John, i just wanted to say thanks for all the hard work you are doing. if you see my camp at snowflake swing by for a beer or ten. i'm one of the old guys in 1450. 1482:D
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