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    sticky back sheet metal panel liner

    probably already found it but it's sound deadening. I used this stuff in my truck, RAAMmat BXT II, 37.5 sq ft bulk pack.
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    Brake plumbing / fuel plumbing question

    Late to the game but might as well answer if anyone else looks. The difference in volumetric expansion is proportional to the difference in diameter. So a 1/2" tube has 267% more expansion than a 3/16" tube. While that seems like a lot, it ends up being pretty negligible because the expansion is...
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    Dirtyminds tacoma 4x4

    Clean work! The bedcage looks awesome
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    Dirtyminds tacoma 4x4

    What CV are you using for that kit? Thanks
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    My name's jon. I have a 04 4wd dbl cab tacoma. browse here all the time but never had a profile