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    Baja Warriors 1802 and TT#7.. Come celebrate!!!

    going to try and make this as its literally next door to my house!
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    Worst Mint 400 video yet!

    Solid video Jerry nice work out there
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    Geiser Loop in AZ

    I was hoping someone could help me find the Geiser Loop in AZ? I believe its off the 74 Carefree HWY in north Phoenix area somewhere. Anyone? Thank you Jordan
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    Photo Equipment

    If you want to stay on the cheap just use shower caps and ziploc bags. Shower caps work great because of the elastic end. Or just wrap some ziploc bags around the camera lens and body and use rubber bands to secure it. As far as equipment goes I would suggest keeping the primes at home and...
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    DIRT times: Post your fastest

    39.88 chula A 40.92 chula B
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    40 Years to Glory in Long Beach on 9/27/07

    Should be a fun event I will be there...
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    DIRT times: Post your fastest

    I will have to check my times when I get home. I already ran through the entire game a couple times. Very fun!
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    ufc fight

    Hammil won that fight. Bisping got the decision because it was in his home town.
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    Primm 300 Course Reconnaissance

    I am sure a lot of people will use prerunners, just be sure to let the marshalls know that when you pass them and keep your speeds to something a stock truck would do. Then you will have nothing to worry about.
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    UROC Rockcross Photos

    awesome stuff as usual Jason!
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    Speed Limits at Primm

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    07 tundra 5.7

    I towed 10,000lbs with it at a media event and it held up just fine over grades and through brake testing. Yes, a SC is coming :)
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    Home Theater Install in OC

    Tommy give me a call. My neighbor does alot of high end home theater installations.
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    Tundra Brakes

    I have added Bear Deccelarotors to my 05 Tundra and noticed a great brake improvement!
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    --Newline Trophy Kart Video--

    They look like they handle really well through a rough part of Barstow. Cant wait to get behind the wheel of one and test it for myself. Hopefully, Nestor will start making two seaters with how popular I am sure these will become.