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    New to me vehicle time.

    I own a '12 Tacoma and it suits my needs. The engine and trans are bulletproof. Never had a major problem with it so far. It is my DD but I do off road sometimes. I added fox shocks, a LED light bar and lift kit on it.
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    Tracking app

    REVER is also a good app for trail rides. They have a free version and a pay program.
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    Your Dogs

    She looks adorable and smart.
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    Extended warranty experiences:

    Great video. Looks like you guys had fun!
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    Another new project

    Truck looks great! Would love to see it in action.
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    2020 KTM 500 XCF-W

    Nice bike. I'm just curious about the differences between the XCF-W and EXC-F.
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    Some new #AHBEEF Life

    Great videos! I dig the slow-mo's.
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    Sedona Trip

    Nice trip and pics! I'm pretty sure that your dog had a blast.
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    Paper or Foam Filters

    On my previous Banshee, I used a K&N with Outerwear pre filter.
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    UTV race video

    Cool vid. That's was a pretty extreme race.
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    Another offroad game, Dakar 18

    Tried this game. Graphic design is impressive though the gameplay is not the best.
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    What GPS to buy?

    I don't do racing also but I have the MotionX-GPS on my phone. This app works great for setting waypoints and tracking.
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    From Abu Dhabi

    So that's how you clear people out. :D
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    "Jolene" my 2000 GMC Pre-Runner Project

    Looking great so far. Looking forward to seeing more updates and pics.
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    2019 NORRA M1K Bronco Build

    Nice project. Any info about the engine?