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  • I tried to REP the whole Fuzz thing but pdailey wouldn't let me, (LOL).
    See you in PC....
    Josh, wanted to let you and Chris know I took 1st in Desert Lites class this weekend. The new Motec and Danzio tune worked awesome!

    You guys do great work!


    Kevin Ellis
    Glad to hear you guys are ok besides the broken back. Who built the chassis of your car?
    I'm glad to hear about you and your buddy doing well and that you made it out of this terrible accident......good luck and thanks for sharing your story brother....
    Yes SIR!!! im looking for a ride... i might ride with kincaid, but trying to get jerry from camburg to come out and ill ride with him. We sold our preunner a while back. lookin for another one. but ya one way or another ill be there... ADIOS! muthFu**A!

    my cell is 760-250-8854 if you cant find me
    I was going to but the car will be in pieces getting ready for Parker. I am going to come out and watch though!!
    bring your class 1 car out to the Dash and give Andy a run for his money. Hes not that fast. I beat time every time we go go-karting.
    hey just wanted to say congrats for 2 and 3 off the line for danzio.. says alot about your motors!! ive always liked the unique sound of a danzio motor, i think we might be moving to class 1 here in the near future (shhh..) and im almost certin that we will be running a danzio motor when we make that step !! ...... sorry about the dnf!
    was it just us or did your rooms feel like someone was murderd in them too??.... there was hair everywhere in my room and in the bathroom, strange smells and funky stains everywhere... my bed was busted to pieces (prob by every hooker in town!) ... im not ganna lie ... i slept with the light on !! haha
    thanks for the sticker on the back of our trailer sat. night at the motel!! :) .. its all good we got a little chuckle out of it and we didnt mind it cause you guys are all pretty cool ... see ya at silver state !!
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