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    Ranger Spindles

    I have a set of stock ranger spindles they came off a 1990 ranger so of course their ball joint.But i dont know how to identify which "Dana" spindle they are.Is their a way to tell???
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    Beam Caster Question

    cool thanks guys.Much help :)
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    cage to frame question

    Im with this guy.Its different and looks kinda cool but its not that hard to bend to the frame and will be if not more bullet proof.
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    Latest mod to my chase truck!

    all i can say is wow!!!! what people dp for attention is rediculous!!!!!!!!!
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    Beam Caster Question

    Ive heard you dont want less than 8 degrees but ive also heard that people have up to 20 degrees in caster.What determines how much caster is needed when building beams??? is it how much travel your shooting for or is it something else???
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    King pin Beams VS Ball joint Beams

    Ya ive seen those.Those are badass.I was thinking about doing my own design of those;)
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    King pin Beams VS Ball joint Beams

    cool thank you much help.Their just going on a ranger.why im asking is cause i have all the front suspension components complete for my ranger but their ball joints so i just wanted to see if their worth running you know.
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    Solidworks Help

    Im new to solidworks but i can still make simple things but nothing crazy.I have been trying to make a full tube truck chassis but havent had much luck.Do i sketch the whole chassis out then extrude my sketch??? or is their another way to build a full tube chassis on solidworks???? One more...
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    King pin Beams VS Ball joint Beams

    Ya im asking about truck beams sorry to confuse you.But thanks anyways :cool:
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    King pin Beams VS Ball joint Beams

    Ive tried to find threads on this topic but didnt find much so i though id start one. Ive heard alot of people say King pin is the way to go but ive also heard ball joints are the way to go so im super lost. Heres my question-----------To build Equal length extended beams are ball joints...
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    Ranger Shock Question

    This might be a dumb question but im gunna start building my ranger but i decide on what shocks to get.I know i want 14 in coilovers in the front and 16 in coilovers in the rear....So heres my question can i run all around 2.0's or do i need all around 2.5's?????
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    Wwwwwwoooooooorrrrrrrrrdddddddddd wwwwwhhhhhooooorrrrrreeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wwwwwwoooooooorrrrrrrrrdddddddddd wwwwwhhhhhooooorrrrrreeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Mig question....

    okay good im not going crazy for awile i thought i was a **BAN ME****BAN ME****BAN ME****BAN ME**ty welder that didnt know how to set the welder up haha
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    Stock Ford Ranger rear end tough????

    Ya thats what i heard that they come with disc brakes and a 4:10 gear ratio.Ya im intrested in it forsure and i got a stock complete ranger rear end that i can use to trade or trade with a little cash as well with anyone you know of