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    Gen 5 stand alone CPU

    The Holley ECU's are a street/drag bred ECU. I work with them quite often and there is always some things left on the table when choosing a holley ecu.
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    Gen 5 stand alone CPU

    correct, how every you rely upon canbus to talk with them, if the can network fails by by engine running. if you are going to ditch to oe ecu(not a requirement by any means) go to an ecu that drives everything from 1 unit. The EcuMaster EMU's are not the best bang for your buck. Look into Emtron...
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    Gen 5 stand alone CPU

    you have very limited options due to the DI, ECU Master is not an option for you. You basically have Emtron with a Bosch Injector controller, MoTeC or Life racing. Either way look at spend $5k on the ECU Minimum.
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    Race prep shop in Vegas or Barstow area?

    If you Data log fuel pressure. We found hydramats to drop fuel pressure under hard, high load 0-100% throttle application.
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    Race prep shop in Vegas or Barstow area?

    You have to go HUGE With hydromats to keep from fuel flow issues.
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    Tire pressure monitor system suggestions

    Shoot me DM,Email( or call 4087672324 if you have questions regarding MoTeC and TPMS We are Prime level MoTeC Dealers.
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    Custom Radiator Request - Getting the runaround from CBR

    if you are still in need, shoot me an email our current lead time is 4 weeks out, but we are clock work +- 1 day from the estimated ship date, once the drawing is approved. usually have drawings and a quote to you within 1-2 business days.
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    Pressurized fueling accident (Crickets...)

    i suppose everyone wants to forget that the team wire the PRV shut and gave the tank over 200 PSI............................ Your radiator expansion tank that you made out of .063"Aluminum see upwards of 20+ psi, your water lines for your radiator on the out side of the engine see 60+PSI plus...
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    Ford 4.5L SVO V6 Parts WTB

    I know where a complete engine is, plus another engine worth of parts.
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    Custom radiator suggestion

    If you drive that fan at any more than 88% duty cycle, if will overheat and fail.
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    Bonneville Off-Road Racing - Knolls 200 at Night - August 22, 2020

    The slow mo rollovers are the most frustrating, because you know it is happening. I am surprised you guys weren't able to do the entire race on fuel, Looking at Bills Data after the race, he only burned 71 Gal(was running a slow pace due to a bad coolant temp sensor reading 50* high) but still...
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    Tire pressure monitor system suggestions

    It is not that I don’t like them, they are better than an Spod system by far. They have no CanBus communication network and have an extremely basic trigger logic. More of why they are a prerunner system imo. When they say they are in racecars, they appeal to the super budget type guys(1450 guys...
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    Tire pressure monitor system suggestions

    Every dash auto trigger can have a manual override if you know how to create the override. Switch pros units are great for a prerunner, but are not meant for a racecar. There are tons of scenarios where automation can save you thousands of dollars when something goes wrong.
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    Tire pressure monitor system suggestions

    $36k for the system i did is on the low end of the industy as the hardware load out was as follows(2x C127’s with I/O, logging and display creator upgrades, 2x MoTeC pdm 15’s, 1x Keypad 15, 1 Keypad 8, racegrade 4-channel autosport tpms ecu, 12 bf1 systems tyre sensors, plus another 11 chassis...
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    Genv Gm pwm fans radiator (cbr/spal)

    spal brushless fans run off 3 wires, 12v+, GND and a pwm signal at 128HZ. never program the dutycycle to be at more than 90% or the fans overheat and shutdown.