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  • Even though you and I have had our beef (it was shedded beef, minor in comparison;)) I got your back all day when it comes to that guys holier-than-thou attitude. I really want to see that stuff I put in bold in your sig line...or maybe I'll try to squeeze it in mine!! Cheers buddy.
    Go ahead, contribute to the demise of desert racing, but I'm from the Inland Empire so...Don't tell ME what to do! Them's fightin words to us with roots in the 909/951, you know that! ;)

    As to decorum, you certainly haven't exhibited any that I perceive. I guess you must have forgot the "rolleyes" emoticon.:rolleyes: LOL

    Good luck with all your endeavors.
    You said "if the industry is in so precarious a position that someone can take an internet post and use it to destroy us then we are already screwed beyond saving."

    That's presenting a "straw man" (Arguing against a position which you create specifically to be easy to argue against, rather than the position actually held by those who oppose your point of view.) argument, ie: lacking in logic (This might help your argumentation in the future: http://www.theskepticsguide.org/resources/logicalfallacies.aspx), and I do not care to debate with such. My point is that with the prevailing attitude re: off-roaders and desert racing BEFORE the Cal 200, we don't need to give our detractors even one more BB of ammunition.

    I'm sorry you can't perceive that. But hope you can in the future. Good luck!
    I note we are both SAR members, you have a nice day, too. Hope your SAR service goes better than YCSO's this summer. More recoveries than rescues, and one indicates foul play in the death of a young boy. :( That's the kinda stuff that makes me want counseling. Feels pretty good when we find people alive, really feels like a BIG fail when we don't, even if the life was never really in our grasp.
    Nah, I wouldn't neg rep you just for grins. In fact, many of your posts I haven't liked, but I tend to give pos rep, if any. Maybe I can make an exception in your case? ;) If my question was antagonistic, I don't think Cam and I would continue to exchange PM's. Sorry you and others saw it that way, I think you read way too much into it. Like I said below:"I admit I should have done it in a PM or VM..." I could have saved you some grief. I found your rep comment antagonistic, and the only I received. That might indicate you could bear some introspection yourself. I laughed it off, then started this discussion. My VM to you did elicit a response, though, so that's a positive step towards understanding.

    More in another VM...
    LOL, 'twas others that started the argument, I merely asked Cam a question because I did not understand his post, but I admit I should have done it in a PM or VM and said that in a later reply. In a PM, Cam says, and I quote, "You and I have no issues." The sycophants started the argument, I'm sorry you can't perceive that. :(

    Thanks for the rep. I'll give you some back when I can. Sorry I ruffled your feathers. Maybe I can make a stupid comment that will make you laugh, too. :)
    Soylent Green? I READ the book years before the movie, which was Edgar G. Robinson's last role. His character in the film shared my birth year.

    Besides, the num-nums there were old senior citizens, and volunteers, and provides a great set up for this: EAT ME! j/k

    I made room for your PM in my box. Looking forward to it.
    Soory, I stepped away from the internet and Scott took cuts to send me some his foolishness, please try again.
    I was just wondering, with my home state of Cal having some of the most restrictive gun laws in these United States, have you seen any demonstrable evidence that those laws affect homicide or ag assault rates? Thanks!
    Yeah, I got a buddy that call's up, says to hang on, then says he'll call me back later. Sometimes that is days. I'm glad to report the missing dirt biker was found today, broken ankle but otherwise OK.

    I'll watch for your mail nonetheless. I'm really just trying to get a better handle on the whole fire issue. It does seem we are having a lot more fires recently and I wonder if the use of ATF is the cause since many CL1 cars run converters. Thanks!
    I'm just trying to get a better understanding of your motivation behind your original blanket statement and fear of fire. Learning you act as a fueler helped me. I agree we see a lot of shaky stuff re: fueling, whether it be dump cans or ... Myself, I'm not strong enough or tall enough to boost 11 gals above my shoulder, so I DO hope for the best then and make sure a good sized extinguisher is manned.

    Re: surviving a bad fire. Are you aware of Jason Schlecterly? PHX PD, rear ended in a Crown Vic several years ago? My heart goes out to that young man and his family, and my mind tells me I wouldn't want to live through the hell they've been through or subject my family to it. That's some of my motivation. A same-age (let's just say 50+ ;) ) buddy and I were discussing risk awhile back and both agreed we'd been lucky to make 50 and would both rather die now than be quad.

    And, as you've probably noted, my online persona loves hyperbole and playing Devil's advocate. Thanks!
    My pm box is full, I don't know what I want to delete or move, just got back from a fruitless 13+ hour SAR mission looking for a missing dirt biker, I don't feel like retyping, so: May I make one more request that you address my earlier queries? Thanks!

    I'm sorry you find this discussion re: fire safety "detracting" from a thread re: fire safety. Actually, I don't understand.
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