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    Which is the better R/C truck

    Savage or T-Maxx, just depends on what your preference is. I have a Savage SS and would not go any other way now. Just an opinion. I went with the SS so I could choose my own electronics and make other little tweaks as I went. Just like real trucks, it's way to easy to spend too much money. Drop...
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    Off-Road Trivia Pic

    Thanks for the vid. I enjoyed that. It is nice to see how fast those trucks were with the, "antiquated" technology of yesteryear. -JJ
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    Long Travel Prerunner/Sandrail

    Wilsons car is an Alumicraft. Real nice piece. Part of me still loves the Blazer though. -JJ
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    Back to the 80s time killer

    72 Brat Packian - the t.v. was my babysitter. must be why i turned out like this. -JJ
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    Adding extra injectors for turbocharged motor?

    Re: please dont do anything thats been recommended.... Please tell me to shut up if I'm out of bounds. Is it just me or do the majority of people forget just how fast and what it takes to go 12.00's in anything let alone import or domestic. Technology has come so far so fast, that the general...
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    explorer fiberglass

    If you did want to bond it using adhesive, 3M makes something. It's called Automix, (Part #8115) used for bonding steel, aluminum, SMC, and FRP (traditional fiberglass). Mainly used by OEM, and works great for roof panels, door skins, and quarter panels. -JJ
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    What would you pay for website hosting??

    I'm glad someone knows how to let me get my Dezert info, because reading that last post made my head hurt. I rode the short bus. Sorry to be off topic, but thanks again for the great job with the site. -JJ
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    Gas mileage

    If you check out you can see my uncle Robby's car. -JJ "You're not a bad driver, you just ran out of talent." - Mike Stapleton
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    Custom Aluminum Dash

    I think LJ Kennedy is still doing side work out of his shop. I don't have his number but if you want it I can get it. -JJ "You're not a bad driver, you just ran out of talent." - Mike Stapleton
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    Sticker removal

    3M General Purpose Adhesive Cleaner Part # 8984, 3M also makes Stripe Remover wheels. The one that works the best for me and my customers is Part # 7498 it comes with the arbor. "You're not a bad driver, you just ran out of talent." - Mike Stapleton
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    Paint Stripper for Metal

    I forgot to mention it, but if you want something to remove clearcoat, and basecoat without harming the primer. Klean-Strip makes an aerosol can called Peeler. Part #FS459, I used it on my bedsides it works great. JJ "You're not a bad driver, you just ran out of talent." - Mike Stapleton
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    Paint Stripper for Metal

    Aircraft Remover. Klean-Strip makes it, part #AR-343. They also make a low odor version which doesn't work nearly as well. That part # is AR-777. These are available at your local paint jobber shop. All and all it's your best bet. The price at my store for a gallon of AR-343 is $25.99 with tax...
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    How much drugs does it take to do this?

    It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye. I don't even feel safe looking at the pictures. JJ "You're not a bad driver, you just ran out of talent." - Mike Stapleton
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    Just listened to the whole album. It's different than The Art Of Drowning, but if you like AFI you will have to have it. Make sure you check out the tracks "Dancing Through Sunday" and "Death of Seasons". I think they are my favorites. JJ "You're not a bad driver, you just ran out of...
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    Standox single stage (Standocryl - Part#613 Black Toner) along with their matting agent #606. You could also just harden the basecoat of a base/clear setup and leave the clear out. Works great. Good enough for factory Mercedes good enough for me. -JJ "You're not a bad driver, you just ran out...