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  • I just stumbled over this message. It supposedly was owned and partially built by one of the owners of h&m back in the day and has since been owned by multiple people in the San Diego area. I bought it 6 or 7 years ago. It ran and worked pretty good back then but was really old school. It has spent more time apart than together since i have owned it as I remodled it and lost interest multiple times. It still has a lot of the cage and interior from before me. I have done most of the work on the upgrades makeing it wider, longer, stonger and more modern. I recently took it to Jimmy Wietzel who finished up a front end and a few other things that i had lost interest in. He got the thing back together, hung the body, and cleaned it up alot of stuff.
    I'm looking at taking a day off during the week to enjoy being out, I get paid next Friday, any week day after that works for me.
    My wife tells me we should be better as far as finances go after this pay period, how's your schedule over the next 2-3 weeks? I think it's about time we tee off plus win or lose, I can't have that $10 I owe you hanging over my head... I dont want the banned treatment, lol
    Well my budget doesn't allow me to golf at the moment, my birthday was an exception.

    BUT, we will have to get out there really soon. The thing about San Diego is we can golf 365 days a year, welcome to SD by the way.
    You live in SD now? We should hit up the greens (not my greens, lol) one of these days
    jajaja, that's pretty funny

    I must have been 'highly medicated' when I tried to rep you, lol
    JROD, I just noticed I accidentally gave you a red dot in the dispensary thread, lol, that was a mistake...shoulda been green

    sorry man, jaja
    Jrod, we will be running the whole BITD series and picking a few other fun ones that work with the schedule. Save me some big Fast-aid stickers for the #28 at Parker!
    Gee J, I too wonder what attracts people to your line of work...waaay too dangerous.
    Sure appreciate it though, be safe man, be courageous, but don't be a hero.
    Hey policia!
    Do you ever ride in the Mexican trails/deserts, or are you just a blacktop kinda rider?
    Sorry to bother you, but could you please delete this thread since you were kind enough to answer my query. Thanks!
    Thank YOU, JRod!!! You are truly a gentleman and a scholar, as I've said before, and a service to "la famila" as well as the desert community at large and the citizens of Chandler. BTW, Tony retired and Wickenburg needs a new chief: http://www.ci.wickenburg.az.us/documents/Employment/Chief%20Brochure.PDF Might even pay you another nickel an hour and we do have one scooter.

    You are also a model all forum mod's should try and emulate. I am rather dismayed at the lack of moderation I see in Pat and Fish posts. Who do they think they are, Ramsey?

    Take care!
    Hmm now my posts to Martein in response to his threats and that phrase have apparently vanished? What's the deal with that? Thanks again!
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