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  • It was Ladmo. :( I laughed, I cried, I kissed three bucks good-bye at the Anniversary Show held in the Valley Art Theater in early December.

    Here's a Popeye cartoon!

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tashk4iD0Vw"]YouTube- Popeye - Wimpy The Moocher[/ame]

    BTW, Lad would hurl insults like "Your mother chews swamp cooler pads!"

    Now, Dan tells me I crossed the line by mentioning that I felt sorry for Scott-DMS's wife and children in Purple.
    I don't get internet etiquette.:confused:
    Do you recall the Wallace and Ladmo Show? It went off KPHO TV5 20 years ago last month. I worked on it for ten years in various roles, on screen and off, including a stint as Gerald's Rent-A-Friend. I still have the crayon fan mail written on the back of his parent's subpoena!

    Did you get W&L in Parker, if you recall? It WAS on in Blythe!

    Weird being awake for so long, I'd taken that med for a decade, made me sleepy and lethargic.
    I decided to just give out random points for no reason just to mess with them. Off my anti-cholesterol drug, haven't slept but a few winks since Tuesday - wife's sawing logs!

    How do you handle folks when they have temper tantrums? Beside Mace or Tasers... I called my brother in law in MO earlier, he was raging worse than me, I said wait, slow down, and he said "I don't have time for this shirt!" And then hung up!?! WTH! No one has ever done that to me before in 55 years that I can recall. He's getting a divorce for the third time from the same wife, wonder if they'll get married again soon? Seems pretty hillbilly...

    He's no longer welcome in our house, I get all my drama on rdc!
    Well, I see I really upset the kids today. You said in a post: "I have yet to see you provide any evidence of why they don't work."
    I don't have any, never did never expected to, and It is imossible to prove a negative in any case. Kinda like when you pull over a speeder and he says: "I wasn't speeding!" And you clocked him or have a radar reading.

    I was merely trying to ask for more evidence that they do work as advertised. Many things don't work as advertised, I once did a commercial for a blender that worked well at 240v, but not so good on 110v. I think it's so funny when posters get so butt-hurt over mere words on a screen and relish my first "hidden" post ever this afternoon. Laughter is my coping method, but of course you can't do that at the public. I'm old, retired, balding and ugly - but happily married - so I can. You have a great weekend!
    Thank you JRod! I needed that, esp. on a Friday (no pun intended) afternoon, an d esp. this particular one. Too little sleep and too many people that disregard logic and reason. I'll be first to say I don't suffer fools well, and it seems I've had more than my share this week. May I ask how you cope? I'm afraid I've forgotten how. How do remain polite when dealing with the stress of idiot drivers and a public that often isn't happy to see you?
    "The presumptive R&P speed on any road is that which is posted based on the traffic engineers who posted it and under IDEAL conditions....."

    That concept was somewhat negated with the politicizing and federalization of speed limits in the 1970's, and, IMHO, is only now starting to regain its rightful prominence. Do you know anything regarding a statewide limit re: speed on dirt roads? Thanks!
    The rest of the week off. This is my four day. Been working my behind off getting the new PD prepped. I'm so looking forward to it, it's turned out really cool. enjoy your time with Mama. :) Talk to you soon
    Ya. They are good. It has great power and much lighter than the 650. The 650 is a cadillac though. I like lightweight bikes better. I've ridden all types.
    Thats the first time I ever heard of anyone liking my car. Everyone gives me crap about the Krylon paint job! haha
    I definately want to do some more SNORE races.
    Darnit! I knew you were going to ask me that but unfortunately I don't. I did make a point of saying how cool it was to every single team I saw that was sporting it! I'll try harder next time. I'm planning on seeing plenty this weekend, yeah!
    Saw about a dozen cars running the FAST-Aid steekers at tech for the Henderson Fabtech. And just think FAST-Aid technically only made a couple official showings. Good job! :)
    I have two bikes for sale. 04 CRF450R that has all the desert stuff to. $2500

    03 YZF450 $2500. Motocross bike.

    The Honda is registered in AZ and has a street legal kit as well as Baja Designs HID headlight. It's nice!
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