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  • awesome... yeah im a Landscape Architecture major going n 2 my 3rd year also... a bunch of my buddies have places in phillips ranch and they asked me to room with them but i wanna race so i am makin the sacrifice and driving from riverside to school everyday... itll be worth it to race again...
    it sux... it doesnt help that its almost impossible to have a job while at Cal Poly Pomona... use to work full time and go to school full time in community college but not n e more... way to much time with the qrtr system... this year i am living with my grandma so i dont have to spend money on food and rent that way i will be able to actually get my car back racing...

    wuts your major???
    Yea I know what you mean... My definition of "finished" is when I can take it from here to San Felipe and back without having anything fall apart. But you're right I'll never stop sinking money into it haha
    Ha thanks man. I catch a lot of crap from kids at school about it being a "bro truck" but in my opinion it's far from it. It's also far from being finished too though haha
    Either one or both is fine. We need numbers to show up. Did you see my last post re: little to no opposition to the expansion. I wish the big teams would get involved. I hate being the little guy trying to fight these fights.
    If you need comment ideas let me know and I will send you some
    Show up! If you have any specific concerns or ideas be sure to bring them. There will be a stenographer to record all comments. Mostly we want to give the Marines reasons to either move East or not expand at all.
    I've got them at the shop. $5 a piece for the Bueller 40/50 amp. Not sure if their worth shipping... it's up to you. Call between 8-5 az time and ask for Philo. 928-704-8655
    Look for relays made by Bosch or Bueller, both are very high quality. I only have wholesale hookups, do you need retail?
    Go post somewhere other than Whatever...posts in Whatever don't add to your post count.

    By the way, didn't see any of your DL compas helpin you out with that did ya now;)
    No worries, man I was all over the place all weekend! We'll catch you at a race or the Cleanup in Barstow!
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