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    What's the one dang job nobody wants to do??? (Prep work)

    Amen !! But in my case CV's are why I write the check
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    MINT 400 by Red Bull

    I must admit that was one of my favorites too 32 Shawn Croll moving up from class 10 , uhh no , class one for years , plus been driving the truck for a while as well Andy Mac (although awesome ) not the youngest driver to win the 1000 OA that would be Justin Davis if I'm not mistaken There...
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    Class 5 only

    Question is how many pages did you have to go back to find it ?
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    On Topic If you were a budget buggy racer , what would be the ultimate new class

    Understand that smaller VW's aren't an issue but a 3 ltr. type four is expensive to maintain ( In my case 3062 cc Motec Injected type four) I wont be putting an Ecotec in my 5 car but will be changing to a 2.5 ltr. water cooled engine for sure
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    Class 5 2015 Race Schedule

    No trans mounts or fuel cell yet or I'd be your Huckleberry
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    Combining classes

    And your surprised ?
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    McKENZIE'S 400, May 30, 2015

    True 22 entered
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    McKENZIE'S 400, May 30, 2015

    I don't have a ton of room to talk , I'm putting another 30 grand into my car that was all ready stupid expensive . but he has the stuff to do it , The 5 speed Fortin I sold him and he is running the modified Ecotec , just have to see if he has enough sack
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    McKENZIE'S 400, May 30, 2015

    Dude Really ?? As easy as Wheeze makes it at Times , Please don't bash !! We have all worked to make this stuff happen but Wheeze puts in more hours than all of us , just sayin
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    Looking for S.S. Construction #45 contact info

    Truck is Prepped at JC Motorsports , Jr. is the contact . 951-805-2239 I'll text Scott in Texas and let him know about the thank you
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    class 5 Rage at The River

    I wouldn't worry too much your car runs hard and so does Zac's , We didn't pull away that much at Bap on sunday and I promise you that I made really big power with the old type four , may she rest in peace , The new engine package will be fun too though, My money is on you guys and Moldy , It...
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    Cbs Sports WDC Broadcasts

    That would be cool , If we are trying to grow the sport at least spend a few seconds on the other classes that way at least the rest of the world will know they exist
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    Class 5 only

    I'm your huckleberry there wheeze , I'll drive that bugger 110 , I sold you the Fortin that's got to be good for something
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    Vegas to Reno fuel pit location

    Thanks Busby !!
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    Class 5 only

    I was supposed to race it this last run , But as a 5 guy am always down for Baja