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  • I live on palm by the highschoool I know what house is yours I saw a trailer out front with a drive racing sticker on it a while back...
    maybe... i will try... the car should be all 2gether by then... i might be able to bring my single seat rolling chassis down also... i will see
    We are going but we are going to Buttercup. That's where we've always camped. Let me know if you want to go with us.
    Thanks for coming out with your boy to say hello and hang out for a while. I'm glad he likes the shirt! He's a cool little dude :)
    Can't wait for the Navy Off Road Complex event during the air show!!!! DRIVE and NORC will be in full effect!!!

    Thanks again to you and and Mr. hair gel for all the help this season. Now let's plan the burgers and beer party.....


    Hey, sorry I didn't respond sooner, I haven't been on here for awhile, on the donation I'm very glad to hear you received it. We are currently getting ready for the Baja 1000 so we don't have the time for any local events right now however we plan on being there for all the DRIVE races next year. Good luck with the MX club.
    Thanks for all you do! We couldn't make this race, truck needs some work right now, ....hopefully november! Thx. Again, e-mail me your contact info to reevesracing@aol.com and if we are able to get out there we'll hook up and put you in the truck! Rich.
    yep i should I'm actually workin on it all day 2day and 2morrow... gotta get it already for the powder puff race Oct 9-10 in Barstow... cant wait... my goal is to race DRIVE Nov. 7... the MORE holiday 200 Dec. 5... and the SNORE wesetern desert championship in Laughlin Dec 12... that should be a killer 2 months if i can race that much...
    Great comments on IV, was just out there y-day dove hunting.

    Pls. add us to your friends list! Look forward to meeting you @ the DRIVE races and thank you for volunteering!
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