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    A new breed of dune rider...

    French ski phenom Candide Thovex takes to the dunes and probably catches more air than you...
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    Baja Lost & Found

    I can't figure out how to send a direct message, but we lost a UTV wheel and tire. DWT Baja Sector HD wheel with a BFG KR2 tires. Please let me know if you found it! thank you 530 412 1128
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    Baja 1000 Tracking for first 50 teams

    This system is CLUTCH for communications particularly in a long race with logistics that are already a big enough challenge. For example, our radio was down at the Baja 500. But our team was getting the updates form Racing Trax/ Baja Tracking unit so they knew we were coming and my co-pilot...
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    2017 FORD Raptor

    Any of you guys that are in line for Raptors have an idea of what you'll be looking at for a price out the door? I see that the MSRP starts at 48K, which seems awfully reasonable for such an epic truck. Thanks in advance.