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    Aluminum roof vibration

    I use "carbon fiber" Vinyl from the upholstery shop.
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    BAJA 1000 on TV TONIGHT!!!! 12-26-13

    Great show! I'm sure a lot of you are going to say it only showed the trophy trucks blah, blah , blah. This is the type of show that needs to be shown the average person who knows nothing about desert racing. And trophy truck is the premier class with the best marketing potential.
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    RG shocks

    The rg shocks I've seen have a solid piston, a can inside of a can that has different size holes at different locations through the stroke. Some of the holes have what looks like a feeler gauge that acts like a check valve. Sorry I can't find the pictures.
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    HDRA on tv

    The imperial 250 is on cox channel 4 right now
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    How to destroy a Ford Raptor

    Repo man must have been on his way.
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    Major Scandal !

    How do you water down gas? Water and gas don't mix.
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    SCORE Fuel Mandate

    I'm sure Casey doesn't mind all this drama.
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    Fuel tower????

    Check out McMaster part number 4088t16
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    Heim Joints with longer threaded ends

    How about using a 7/8" uniball with threaded rod welded to it?
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    FULL Start Line draw Results Baja 100-

    Pretty sad I counted only 68 limited class entries including sportsman.
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    LED Light bars

    You want a 13" light bar Rigid will make it. Just give them a call.
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    Is Dirt Sports out of business?

    I still haven't gotten mine Gary. I'll stop by and steal yours.
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    Is Dirt Sports out of business?

    I'm sorry but you have been on here way too many times with basically the same answer every time. I will not be a customer to a company who takes my money and doesn't deliver it's product.
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    Shock Oil?
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    help with king shocks

    I'm sure it's not easy to get springs down there, but it's a lot better to get springs to match the truck instead of making the truck match the springs.