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  • Brother Nate, got your number in phone, thanks. Went testing yesterday up above Rimrock. The bars seem good. I will keep you posted as far as next test. With this job of mine, everything we do on that car is so spur of the moment. Just jam on some stuff when can find time. Gonna order a few plugs for rear shock pistons from KING , see if we can fine tune rebound and compression. Who does your shock work?
    Yeah Matt and I are racing. Gonna start testing real soon. Gonna turn those bars up a few turns and see if they take any more of a set. Do some shock work.
    Nate, we are gonna be camped just a few miles up from s/f. Dont know exact m.m. but think around 74 or 75. Kinda close to eveyones main pit but will be available to help if you need, just stop by. GOOD LUCK BRO!!
    hey nate, just saw friend request. still dont quite know my way around this message thing yet but think im learning. anyway, whats up bro?
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