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  • Let me turn you on to one of my favorite new hot sauces. It's made by Cholula and it's their "Chili Lime" flavor. Not too hot, and goes great on almost anything. Not ice cream though. (yeah I tried, LOL!) Search the "whatever" section for a thread I started a few years ago called "your favorite hot sauce" I learned a lot from people who posted. BTW, my local Vons does not carry Cholula Chili Lime. Have to go to a Ralphs for it. Give it a try and get back to me, I promise, it does not disappoint!!
    It's all good brother! As you'll see, Gustavo and I disagree what seems to be more often than not, but at the end of the day, we're close amigos who would do anything for one another! Welcome to the mix!!!!
    Just so ya know, it's nothing personal against you. I am questioning why you have the opinion you do, and I thak you for explaining yourself! We have fun with each other in purple, and for as much as we disagree, we're all buds in there!
    like you come to run a road race in Los Cabos Baja California Sur? the next 6 and February 7 will do a road race called the Eastern Cape 250, in which we invite you to run, have a lot of participation from drivers who are in SCORE, I will mention a few:
    Luis Ramirez Jr., ex-driver Jefferies Racing, 1st. place baja 500 2008
    Luis Camarena winner of long jump in LDC ´10
    Francisco Villagomez 1st Place Class 12 LDC ´10
    Samuel Araiza
    Steve Barry
    Robert Ross 1st. Place Laughlin 2010 Score International
    etc ...
    I would like to know your answer.
    I say goodbye with a salute
    Originally Posted by JWK Motorsports:
    "do you know if he will just make me, say 10 shirts? or does he have a minimum that you have to buy?

    I just want to have some team shirts made and I need about 10...."

    No, but visit his website or give him a call! Tell him NoBrakes sent you.

    He's in Brea, and he lives in YL.
    Yeah thanks you were haulin the mail!! My dad started out and he acctually kept a decent pace you and another got by the i think a few class 9s got by him.. i was pretty dissapointed, my uncle hopped in on lap 4 got moving again and making up some ground.. me and my bro hopped in for the last lap on the big loop almost went end over end.. scary moment for us. that was the cars first race and we need to dial in the shocks a little more and hopefully we can compete with you!! Again Congrats!!
    Good racing out there. That first lap was pretty crowded with 1300s, wasn't it? At one time I think there were 5 or maybe 6 of us within 100' of each other. All us 1300 guys play fair and it's all good. Some of those 1450 trucks would not move over for anything, though. Then again, them not moving over made for some of the most exciting racing of the day. Have a good one!
    i **BAN ME****BAN ME****BAN ME****BAN ME**ing beat everyone every race! you, chad and those 3 other guys! you idiot everytime we lined up i was in the lead. and i won the five lap race that chad put together.
    I love how you smoked everyone with your new tires. your a **BAN ME****BAN ME****BAN ME****BAN ME**ing lier. Who did you beat?
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