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    Rage at the River

    no one would show up to a race like that with intent to cheat, it was just a simple mathematical mistake as he builds his own motor
  2. Kaleb

    2020 races

    from what i was told 950 is IRS rather than swing axle
  3. Kaleb

    Parts for sale

    still have those ^
  4. Kaleb

    Spare Parts

    i have 2 super digger 3's mounted that are good for spares, and i also have 3 front tires mounted, 2 mickey thompsons and 1 yokohama shaved traction tire
  5. Kaleb

    Parts for sale

    i also have parts for sale, all prices are OBO
  6. Kaleb

    For 2020 SNORE gives away a 2-1600 race car

    any pictures of the car? or who made it?
  7. Kaleb

    Online Deals

  8. Kaleb

    Tires & Llantas

    yes they have! i have spare parts along with a few rear and front tires, if you need anything just send me a direct message
  9. Kaleb

    Tires & Llantas

    yokohama super diggers are most popular for rear tires, they are roughly 250$ per tire, as far as i know they are 33 inch tires when mounted and air up, wheel is a 15inch steel wheel
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    i believe a 437? but I'm not sure, i lost the papers, i have the papers to show what was done to it though
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    I got spare parts I'm trying to get rid of 2 trannys silcock arms spindles drums torsion bars etc lmk what you need i might have it
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    Knotty Pine 250 9/5-1600 shootout

    Is there an entry minimum between 5/16's and 9's for that to take place?
  13. Kaleb

    KING shocks Battle at Primm 5-1600 -Class 9 Shootout

    how many miles this year?
  14. Kaleb

    For sale

    that one is sold, but i have another one race ready
  15. Kaleb

    LeDuc swap meet

    mine sold