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  • Mehh too! It's going to be a bit strange doing it 100% alone.. but good at the same time! ;)
    ahhh thx u for speak with me today i forward to see u again! im going mma tonite at 6pm im going be very very strong lift my weight arm and musslce to be buff
    Not a problem. Hope things are great with you as well. Thanks for taking such an active role in keeping our dez's open.
    I made it back!!!!!! What a day!!!!! I was a good boy too. Talk to ya later
    Thanks for letting me in the house this morning! I forgot my phone!
    That dog is bad... and yes it was the meds.. ughhh so happy to be off of them!~
    I know! At least *B* will be home to take care of *US* haha... Me and Toberz ala dumpster diver .. Sheesh!~
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